We’ve prepared a list of answers to questions that you might want to ask, but if not, it still allows us a convenient framework to tell you what you need to know about your new favourite spirit.

Oh, that’s very kind, thank you. We’re sure that you’ll enjoy drinking Alkemy even more than we enjoy selling it to you. Head over to our shop page for all of the locations where it’s sold as well as where to buy online. If you’re in a rush, you can also click here for the easiest way to buy.

As far as we see it, as long as you have tastebuds, you will enjoy Alkemy. However, if you have acquired a taste for whiskey, you’ll find more than enough to keep you satisfied with this spirit. Full of the depth of flavour that you’ve come to love from your aged grain spirit, but without the overpowering ‘whiskeyness’ of a whiskey.

It’s not for us to tell you what to do, but you did ask. Alkemy has been crafted to be approachable and universally enjoyable as scientifically possible. Without some of the more challenging flavours that make whiskey and rum taste as they do, but all the good ones that people love, even if you haven’t had any luck with aged spirits before, you may do with this. To put it simply, Alkemy tastes how brown alcohols look like they should.

Friendly? We’re so friendly, it would start some rumours. It’s a little-known fact that the refining process of sugar derived from sugar cane uses bone char, even in brown sugar. As molasses is a by-product of this process, it could be argued that this is not vegan friendly… but we aren’t going to start a fight with the sugar industry any time soon.

Alkemy however, uses nothing but sugar beets to produce this exceptional spirit, and as bone ash is not used in the refining process of sugar beet sugar, you’re free to enjoy a glass without any of the associated guilt you may or may not feel.

It seems an unusual question, as the processing of sugar into spirits does not involve gluten at any stage. Still, given the seriousness of the conditions that some people have, we have put efforts into ensuring that our spirit is free from any cross-contamination and that no other products that may contain gluten are produced in or near our distillery. You’re all clear.

Better is a difficult question. Better than quitting your job to go and live in the woods in an abandoned bus, living solely off the land, knitting your own clothes from your body hair and using your waste to fertilise your own crops? Probably not.

Better than drinking rum made from sugar cane, which has been shipped halfway across the world? Absolutely, yes.

Yes, Alkemy distillery is based in Suffolk and uses sugar beet molasses from 100% British-grown sugar beets. We don’t ship in rum, only to flavour it and sell it on as our own product. We don’t ship in molasses, to turn into rum. From the soil to the bottle, our spirit is grown and produced in the UK, travelling an average of 35 miles from field to botte.

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