It's actually different

We live in a world where everyone is offering something new, something different… but how often does this actually happen? Alkemy is genuinely different.

Alkemy is the UK’s only aged sugar beet-based spirit. Like rum, Alkemy is made by fermenting and distilling molasses before ageing it. Unlike rum, our molasses comes from sugar beet, not sugar cane… and along with it, a range of benefits. If you like really rummy rum, that’s fine. If burning tyres or rotting old fruit is your thing, that’s also fine… no judgement here. We simply wanted to make something that tastes as good as it looks.

If you are looking for something that’s genuinely different, something more… Alkemy could be for you.


Alkemy isn’t rum, but that doesn’t stop it from winning some of the world’s most prestigious rum awards.

The rise in the global temperature caused by greenhouse gasses is such a huge threat to the future of humankind and Alkemy Distillery doesn’t take this threat lightly.

Like its closest relative, rum, Alkemy is made from molasses. Rum is made from sugar cane molasses and Alkemy is made from sugar beet molasses. Seems like a small difference doesn’t it? Not really if you look at it from a carbon emissions standpoint. With sugar cane, either rum or sugar cane molasses is shipped all the way to the UK. It is very heavy and it’s usually transported on diesel powered ships; this makes the carbon footprint of one single glass huge.

That same glass could be filled with Alkemy. The sugar beet molasses only has to travel seven miles from the sugar beet factory to our distillery, to be processed into the liquid gold in your glass. Sugar beet itself may even have a smaller environmental impact and be more vegan friendly than sugar cane too. We aren’t pointing fingers or saying rum is bad, but it’s just something to think about.

To put it simply, the taste. The entire reason that Alkemy was created was to taste awesome; deep and rich with strong oaky flavours and smooth caramel and vanilla tones.

But it’s not an easy task; Alkemy sugar beet spirit only uses sugar beet, water, yeast and oak to make a refined and delicious spirit. There really is nothing else added in there. By taking sugar beet molasses, fermenting, distilling, then ageing in unshared, charred and toasted barrels the beautiful, smooth gold Alkemy sugar beet spirit is created.

Environmentally friendly rum


uk made rum

Made in
The UK

ethical rum


GLuten Free


vegan rum


recyclable rum


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