CAQ- Conveniently asked questions

Here's a list of questions that we have phrased in order to explain our product to you in a clear and effective way.

The question that shouldn’t need answering. You’re over 18, and we’re not your mother. Because Alkemy is smooth and delicious, you don’t need to cover it up, you don’t even need ice. If you want to add anything, of course, it’s up to you. Treat it like a rum, bourbon or scotch or just pour it into your open mouth like a thirsty baby bird… you do you.

Thanks for asking. Alkemy is a more modern way of spelling Alchemy, in order to signify its uniqueness. Why alchemy? Well, that’s a longer answer…

A simple google will tell you that alchemy is ‘the mediaeval forerunner of chemistry, concerned with the transmutation of matter, in particular with attempts to convert base metals into gold or find a universal elixir’. Or to put it simply… The process of turning something ordinary into something extraordinary.

Through a blend of ancient art, and cutting-edge science, we are able to perform this very task. We turn the humble sugar beet into liquid gold. Alkemy.

To put it bluntly, no. For those who have experienced the frighteningly agricultural aroma of sugar beet molasses, this is only a good thing. In the same way that vodka doesn’t taste like potatoes, rum does not taste like molasses and whiskey does not taste like barley, Alkemy does not taste like the smell of sugar beet. You can relax now.

Also no. Although it is made in the same way as rum (fermenting molasses and distilling and ageing it), it cannot be called rum as it is derived from sugar beet, not sugar cane. Unnecessary pedantry? Possibly, but to call this spirit rum would be a disservice. Using sugar beet allows us to create a far more clean and approachable drink than the title of rum would allow, without having to add sugar or spice to make it palatable.

It’s another no. The common misconception is that using sugar as a base for a spirit makes it sweet. This is not true. As sugar does not pass through the distillation process, it is impossible for the end product to be sweet. Some rums add sugar back into their product to make it more drinkable, and we are not pointing fingers, but we do not. Our final product falls in the wonderful category of 0 sugar added.

Oh, that’s very kind, thank you. We’re sure that you’ll enjoy drinking Alkemy even more than we enjoy selling it to you. Head over to our shop page for all of the locations where it’s sold as well as where to buy online. If you’re in a rush, you can also click here for the easiest way to buy.

As far as we see it, as long as you have tastebuds, you will enjoy Alkemy. However, if you have acquired a taste for whiskey, you’ll find more than enough to keep you satisfied with this spirit. Full of the depth of flavour that you’ve come to love from your aged grain spirit.

It’s not for us to tell you what to do, but you did ask. Alkemy has been crafted to be as approachable and universally enjoyable as scientifically possible. Without some of the more challenging flavours that make whiskey and rum taste as they do, but all the good ones that people love; even if you haven’t had any luck with aged spirits before, you may do with this. To put it simply, Alkemy tastes how brown alcohols look like they should.